Shoe Candy: Meet Pijonina

Once upon a time I had a conversation with a man who told me he didn’t understand why women spent so much money on shoes and bags. I think it’s purely for status; the same way a man [or woman] would buy a Ferrari [after all, and let’s be honest here, what on Earth can you actually do with a Ferrari when there are speed limits everywhere you go?], a woman [or a man] buy nice shoes to show their status.

To me, it’s not only about status, but also as a way to add to an outfit. Which is why I like Louboutin’s Pijonina so much.


As you can see, Pijonina is not just a regular stiletto sandal. It has personality. It’s the kind of shoe one would do a double take and the perfect one to combine with a Little Black Dress.

Personally, I love standing out, but, sometimes, I have to wear conservative-looking outfits because I’m attending a work/professional event. These shoes are perfect for the kind of corporate dress I would wear because I’m dressing professionally, but still get to show my personality.

Louboutin’s Pijonina come both in red and black. If you don’t like standing out so much or would rather buy something that will match all colors, then black is a good choice. But, if you’re like me and want to go all out when you’re going out, then I think red is more bold and a better choice to stand out.


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